A real job, with real money (and beer)

This post is perhaps a week out of date, but comes with the exciting news that I have my first ever coding job! Moreover, it could not have been a better personality match, if prayers and offerings had been made to the almighty brewery in the sky. It’s a job within a web team at a beer eCommerce site.

When I first started dabbling with HTML and CSS back in the olden days (honestly probably 18 years ago), I don’t think I ever believed that I would one day have a real job earning real money from it.

Learning curve

The leisurely pace at which my coding skills were being developed is now being thoroughly tested. I am not afraid to say that I feel like I am at the bottom of a very steep and high cliff face. The comparison between the skills developed or practiced to-date, are grossly inadequate against what is left to learn.

So now starts the 18-month journey of the apprenticeship, while I strive to master these skills, and prove to myself (and everyone else I suppose), that I can really do this job!

What’s the game plan?

There is no part of me that is uncertain where my strengths lie; I am a back-end, or technical developer at heart. In order to effectively do my job I need to learn. A lot. Namely, I need to expand on my knowledge of CSS into the fabulously named SASS, a CSS pre-processor; that brings along with it more technology (GULP for local environment testing).

More relevant to my desired skillset is what I need most on my job: PHP, React, and probably also a little jQuery for good measure. PHP as a language will be of little surprise to anyone within the web industry. Modern web development is dominated by large CMS platforms based in PHP, for example WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. My job however puts me in touch with a platform I was exceptionally unfamiliar with though; Magento.

What is Magento!?

Magento and Magneto super hero
Designed by Vijay Partap Singh.
I do not claim copyright, I just love the image!!!

Magento is complex enough to really warrant a completely separate post. In short however, Magento is a PHP based completely customisable and open-source (although an Adobe company) eCommerce platform.

Having only dabbled in local-hosted websites that do not have a back end, plus even less with a WordPress installation, there is a lot to learn. It looks massively powerful, but interestingly documented. I suspect there is a reason why the team motto at work is unofficially ‘Muck Fagento’.

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