Bootcamp Update – PHP, Git, and felling trees…

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein

So day two of Bootcamp was set to be one which held great interest for me; we were going to learn about version control and thus Git. Additionally, I had set myself of using a new learning platform Treehouse to commence learning PHP.

There were also plans afoot to work more in depth on the freeCodeCamp projects for the Responsive Web Design Certification, however time is as always at a premium, and I spent-up.

In the world of CMS, especially WordPress, I decided that learning PHP would be something to pursue sooner rather than later; particularly given the home of this blog. I mostly wanted to learn it to enable me to work on developing my own themes for WP so that I can finally make everything have the layout as I want it, rather than as the Themes dictate.

As part of the programme, we have access to the premium content available on Treehouse, and although I greatly enjoy freeCodeCamp, PHP is not available on that platform at present, so I decided to give it a go. Learning is a process in which finding out what works can be as important as finding out what does not; for me, Treehouse just doesn’t push my buttons.

So what now? There are still options and I am not deterred! What was reassuring is that the structuring of PHP was familiar to me from by experiences with Python, and while different syntactically, I daresay that ultimately they will all (and JS included) share a great deal of elements. To develop my knowledge further, I will fall back on my SAMS Teach Yourself book (PHP, MySQL, and Apache) and W3Schools; both of which I have used in the past for other skills.

Now while there are plenty of tutorials around online, being able to sit in a room together with others, let alone a professional developer, made it finally sink in. A spectacular tutorial which is linked from GitHub called Git-It helped to guide through the process, I now feel comfortable, if not entirely, to be able to use in the workplace.

To cement my learning on Git, I plan to put together a ‘Getting Started with Git’ tutorial which will appear as part of this blog.

Time is scarce!
While my to-do list feels like it is growing, time is ever running down. There were plans to also commence work on some freeCodeCamp projects, plus trying to get up to speed with Bootstrap prior to this. Unfortunately everything else took longer than expected so I have pushed this task back until later in the week; life is getting in the way!

Bootstrap is however not necessarily essential to the completion of these tasks, therefore I may postpone acquiring this knowledge until slightly later, and work on cementing my knowledge of pure vanilla HTML and CSS to create these responsive projects.

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