Introducing Micro-Projects

A great way of learning and developing new skills is to take on projects which need a solution, even though you’re not entirely sure how to achieve it. The thing is, a project of the type I’m thinking of will take a period of time to complete, which may be a few hours here and there over a few weeks (such as these). So let me tell you about micro-projects…

It’s my interpretation of the #100daysofcode which has been doing the rounds over the past few years. For me a micro-project is one that is reasonably narrow in scope, and can generally be completed within a couple of hours work. Not to be confused with the little coding challenges that are the type on Hackerrank as mentioned the other day, but more the end of topic projects on freeCodeCamp.

How does it work?

I may be from a small challenge such as this:

Sample micro-project task
Sample micro-challenge

This is easy to throw together in CodePen, with a quick ‘console.log()’ or even some basic DOM manipulation:

See the Pen Basic Calculator by Jon McCallum (@playwithbear) on CodePen.0

But what I want to do to make this a more meaningful, and rounded micro-project is to actually end up with an end product that demonstrates my skills and personality more than just the simple technical exercise. A sentiment which may sound out of character if you read my ‘Function, then form‘ post; which I still stand by.

That post for me was all about project workflow where function MUST take priority, then with the time remaining, you can present the project in a beautiful manner.

So micro-projects then. Game on.

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