Maintaining momentum: Week in review

Inertia is enough to kill all but the truly motivated; but even once you’re got the proverbial ball rolling, it still takes additional effort to maintain the momentum. I am after all just a mere mortal, and there are a lot of things that end up higher on the to-do list of life than blogging.

Like coding for example… So while it might have been quiet on the blog front, this is a brief summary of what I’ve been up to this past week.

Pharaoh Idle

Like most of the coding progress, if you really want to see what I’ve been working on, check out my commits etc on GitHub; there has definitely been momentum there!

I’ve managed to go from live version v0.1 to v0.2, and if you check out the ‘dev-branch’, you’ll see that I’m nearing release of v0.3 which will effectively double the size of the JS file. This includes an advancement system of the game which has seen some challenges which have required me to lean on the hive-mind of Stack Overflow (the issue was related to local vs global variables by the way).

Speed Interviews

The culmination of the Boot camp ended with a speed-dating style event, where we met with prospective employers on Wednesday, where we met with sadly only 4 companies: Creode, Ewe, Umpf, and Ascensor. Supposedly there are another 10 or so companies still interested in hiring, so hopefully should hear something this coming week.


Although I am at the moment my subscription count is a diminutive 26, and I have some videos sitting there with a grand total of zero views but this week it has taken up a great deal of time an energy with the recording of the start of a new series. My videos? Well that is Minecraft of course…!

YouTube is a great example of a requirement to maintain motivation, and I mention it here more than to demonstrate that I’ve spend well over 20 hours on the new series (not yet released at time of writing). All of this to produce videos with no views. BUT. The YouTube algorithm rewards consistency, so even though it is not paying off now, in 12 months time, publishing consistent content should push more viewers to the channel.

The coming week:

  • Complete developments and launch v0.3 of Pharaoh Idle;
  • Finish the calculator on, and maybe migrate to a GH pages project site;
  • Prepare a YouTube mini-series on coding: ‘How to Make Cookie Clicker’;
  • Record Part 2 and 3 of ‘What is Git?’ for YT and this blog.
  • More job searching and seeking employment!
  • Maintaining motivation…

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