Migrating a project from CodePen to a GitHub repository

Oh they grow up so fast! What started out as just a little Pen on CodePen has now grown beyond recognition (and manageability) on there, and has been forced to grow up in this cruel world by migrating to a full-on GitHub repository all of its own.

Having said that, the move was inevitable; I’m talking here about Pharaoh Idle (NB. I still can’t spell that word correctly first time…). The reality is I started with CodePen purely because it was convenient; while out, I only had my tablet, which somewhat restricted my coding tool-set.

When I migrated to the GitHub repository, I noted that there were already way over 1,000 lines of code between HTML, CSS, and JS. It had indeed become way too unwieldy for CodePen.

Screenshot from VS Code

The other main reason for migrating, was in order to manage versions. Getting a web visible version of the game was paramount; enter stage-right GitHub Pages! Now the game (currently v0.1) is available for ‘play‘ on my site.

On the subject of versions…

Understanding Git is very different to using Git. While updating and working on it, I was keen to make sure I was practising to really understand how it works. Moreover, at my disposal I had installed GitHub desktop and through VS Code, was able to work on projects and manage local Git using that.

Talking with others who use Git regularly, it does seem that perhaps I should focus next on using the command line. But for Windows, GUI’s ceded the need for command line; given the efficacy of both VS Code and GitHub desktop, perhaps I don’t need to. Discuss…

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