New career, new blog…

It’s not every-day that you start a new career. Especially one that will lead you into an apprenticeship, something which for years I had eyed as a route into employment for 16-year-olds.

As part of a three-week bootcamp, to get a cohort of 12 of us, interview-ready, and presentable to employers with a view to gaining employment, to study an apprenticeship, in a web development role.

Day One
As one would expect, day one was focused around general admin, a brief overview of processes which one was to expect; so expect the trials and tribulations (yet to be decided in what proportions) of Javascript, amongst others, to come over the coming weeks.Additionally, this blog was created. Depending on when this post is read, it was initially just a simple WordPress site, however there is a plan to integrate it as a blog page within a custom personal profile and portfolio site, to be written from the ground-up. At the moment, I would need to muddle through the foreign language that is PHP, and lean heavily on external links such as:

What do I know now?
Most of my experience to date has been gained both from freeCodeCamp and some additional learning using SAMS Teach Yourself books.As it stands, I am familiar with HTML and CSS, and would be comfortable reading it; writing it, particularly semantically is something which I am hoping will develop greatly over the course of the bootcamp.

What’s next?
Other languages specifically relevant to this role are lacking. I have knowledge of JS, PHP and MySQL, and will be learning these over the coming weeks, both through online learning platforms freeCodeCamp and TeamTreehouse.

Beyond strictly web development, I have some knowledge of Python development, from a personal interest in data analysis and data science. I hope over the course of my career to be able to focus on Python based web technologies, such as Django. These will take a back-seat for the immediate future, although once my comfort levels rise with Javascript, PHP, MySQL and their related language libraries (e.g. React), I shall pursue Python and data manipulation further. I am but one man.

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