Online Learning Resources – Feb 2019

There are myriad learning resources available on the Internet. Some substantially better than others, and then some more suited to certain learning styles than others; I have already discussed my feelings about Treehouse as a case in point…

In this post, I intend on discussing some learning resources available online that I use, and briefly discuss why I like them, and how I like to use them, in a hope that others may also find the resources useful.

For JavaScript (and HTML/CSS):
My route in to learning HTML/CSS proper, that has stuck was through freeCodeCamp. There are a multitude of other learning tools, such as CodeCademy, Treehouse, and obviously learning materials on Udemy and the like.

Interactive learning screen on freeCodeCamp

For me, the reason I stuck with freeCodeCamp was because it is completely free, whereas the others supply just a limited free content, if at all, with the rest behind a paywall.

When working on projects however during the bootcamp, especially with JS, I often find myself looking either on StackOverflow for a description around how to solve a problem, alternatively when looking for more details on syntax information, I tend to search on W3Schools.

A fun way of using JS to solve mini challenges is on, which is a great community driven project with mini JS challenges in increasing levels of difficulty (they even have a Python offering here).

checkio challenges

There are still, of course a multitude of available resources available, but these are the key resources I find myself using on a daily basis for either new skills (e.g. freeCodeCamp), or to keep sharp (CheckIO).

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